Chiller Operation

By far the most commonly used chillers operate within a standard direct expansion refrigeration cycle. Less commonly operated water chillers employ the absorption cycle.

Standard industrial chillers or air conditioning chillers differ with the types of compressors fitted, this generally being a consideration of capacity and energy efficiency.

Scroll compressor chillers employ one or more smaller hermetically sealed scroll compressors to make up the total cooling capacity required and are generally most effective in a capacity range up to some 300kW, the Coolmation TCAE Compact and Y Pack ranges.

Screw compressors are generally used in water chillers with capacities exceeding 300kW, again in the multiples required to meet the total required chiller capacity. This includes the Coolmation TCAVZ range.

For high efficiency at part load conditions of approximately 50% and less, a chiller installed with the latest Turbocor compressor, like those within the Coolmation TurboPower range, is the best selection. The unique Tubocor compressor is a centrifugal oil free device operating with minimal friction.

Coolmation scroll chillers use refrigerant R410A and R134A, both fully compliant with current legislation. Coolmation screw chillers and Turbocor chillers use R134A. Both refrigerants meet current legislation.